Bella Home Co’s Digital Revamp Journey to Optimize Online Shopping Experience for Premium Australian Wall Decor

Background Story

Bella Home Co, a leader in Australian premium wall decor, boasts an extensive catalog of 50,000+ wall art pieces, including Canvas Prints, Posters, Wall Paper, Wall Murals and framed art, with a legacy spanning three decades. Despite this, the company faced a challenge: an outdated website that failed to effectively showcase its products.

As the digital era progressed, the limitations of the existing website became glaringly apparent. It struggled to efficiently filter and present Bella Home Co’s diverse offerings, leaving customers overwhelmed and frustrated. Moreover, as the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped consumer behavior, the site’s inefficiencies worsened, hindering its ability to adapt to increased online shopping demand. Recognizing the urgent need for change, Bella Home Co embarked on a journey to revamp its online presence.

To improve Bella Home Co’s online presence, our focus will be on crafting a user-friendly experience with a modern interface and fast website performance. Given the vast product inventory with 50,000+ active products, this task presents a formidable challenge, but one we eagerly embrace. Our goal is to create a platform that effectively showcases Bella Home Co’s extensive range of wall decor, simplifying the browsing and purchasing process for customers. Through close collaboration with the Bella Home Co team, both teams are committed to achieving nothing less than excellence in every aspect of the project.

Delivering Exceptional Solution

In our mission to enhance Bella Home Co’s website, we started a significant journey of change. First, we focused on updating its appearance and usability with sleek, modern designs. Every detail was carefully considered to ensure a smooth browsing experience through the extensive collection of 50,000+ wall art options.

But we didn’t stop there! We looked into the technical details to ensure everything ran smoothly, especially with managing the diverse wall art options. Additionally, we integrated reviews from other platforms to showcase customer opinions and set up a blog section for insightful home decor articles and tips!

And you know what? We made sure to keep things interesting! We used advanced techniques to speed up the website and make it snappier for a smoother experience. Plus, we did our research to boost Bella Home Co’s online visibility through strategic SEO optimization. This helped us rank higher in search results, making the site more visible. And to stay current, we regularly updated the content to match the latest trends. With tools like Google Analytics and heatmaps, we tracked our progress and made necessary tweaks. And guess what? We achieved all of this in just two weeks! That’s teamwork and dedication for you!


Following our changes, Bella Home Co experienced remarkable improvements across various key metrics. Firstly, there was a significant increase in orders, with daily product sales soaring by 10%. This surge in sales led to a notable boost in income, with revenue jumping by 15% within just a few weeks of implementing the changes.

But that’s not all – we also witnessed a notable expansion in Bella Home Co’s customer base. There was a significant increase in new customers visiting the website, accompanied by a rise in inquiries and interactions. Additionally, there was a significant uptick in website traffic, with a massive 50% increase in daily website hits. Bella Home Co’s website even secured a top spot in search engine results.

But here’s the best part – our strategies helped Bella Home Co gain deeper insights into its customers. By analyzing data from tools, we learned about customer preferences and behaviors. This led to a rise in customer satisfaction, evidenced by an increase in positive feedback and testimonials.

Be sure to check out Bella Home Co for yourself! They’ve got some amazing wall art and decor waiting for you to explore.


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Market Expansion

Bella Home Co

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Premium quality Wall Decor, Wall Art, Canvas Prints, Posters, Wall Paper & Wall Murals in Australia for Home, Office or Living room at factory prices

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“BH Design Studio exceeded our expectations with their outstanding work on our website. Their professionalism and innovative solutions were remarkable, especially considering the affordable cost. Our sales and customer engagement have significantly increased thanks to their dedication. I highly recommend BH Design Studio!”


Bella Home Co.

What We Learnt?

Efficient Inventory Management

Managing a large array of products taught valuable organizational strategies. Streamlined processes ensured smooth handling despite the large volume.

Customer-Centric Approach
Focusing on meeting diverse customer needs became essential. Personalized experiences, quick issue resolution, and building long-term relationships were key.
Navigating Global Market Dynamics
Adapting to the changing global market landscape was crucial. Staying updated on trends, adjusting strategies, and expanding into new markets while staying competitive were important lessons.
Knowing the best time for our actions was crucial. Relaunching our system after changes when people were really interested in home decor trends made a big difference in how well it did.
Selecting the appropriate technology was essential. Integration and strong features played a pivotal role in achieving success, not only during sales but also in ensuring smooth post-transaction processes.
Realizing the importance of catering to customer preferences was evident. Offering various options for users to customize their experiences was found to significantly improve overall satisfaction.
Value Additions
Going beyond just selling products mattered. Offering personalized design consultations to assist customers in selecting the perfect wall decor for their space can greatly improve their shopping experience.

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